Delta Shield provides world-class accommodations to all our clients.  Our members will have access to world-class accommodations to both hotels and Airbnb.  We curate an exceptional experience for our members, and we will leave our guests feeling exuberant.  We understand the confidentiality and level of service required when managing your accommodations.  When it comes to your travel accommodations, we have the skills to match your needs, while offering the best amenities.

Five Star Rating                                                                We offer consistency of excellence and superior service.

Amenities                                                                          Premium amenities such as spas, pools, concierge services and other perks. Highly trained staff, and in-house staff and chef.

Find International Attorneys, Security, Transportation and Accommodation Services. - MyDeltaShield  Delta Shield
Find International Attorneys, Security, Transportation and Accommodation Services. - MyDeltaShield Delta Shield

Why Choose Us

standard accommodation

A comfortable, well-designed accommodation that transports you away from the city’s bustle and offers you with the comfort and tranquility you need for a restful stay.

best care

The sophisticated and pleasant accommodation, as well as the meticulous attention to detail, create a friendly ambiance reminiscent of a private home where each guest is treated with care.

Commitment Legal Action

Delta Shield is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusiveness accommodation, where clients’ preferences are acknowledged and valued. We value the preferences and features that distinguish each of our client.

Our Philosophy


Affordable Legal Fees

Delta Shield allows you to speak with a service provider or lawyer about any professional or legal concern without having to worry about high fees. Therefore, you or your family can live a worry-free life under the protection of Delta Shield.


Honest Communication

We keep communications with the client private. Our service providers and attorneys also have a duty of confidentiality to the client. This means that any service provider or attorney may not casually discuss a client’s case with anyone.


Committed to Excellence

We are committed to developing long-standing partnerships with our clients, with our service focused on getting the most profitable outcome for you in each case we deal with.

Our professionals are Here to Help

McLaren's Wellness Center

McLaren's Wellness Center

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TMC Capital Group

TMC Capital Group

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Vite Life

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